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Everyone in HR Management knows that effective Human Resources Management prevents company-wide chaos. HR Management is often not taken seriously enough, but seen as a necessity in every company. HR Management keeps staff engaged and the company running smoothly. Here are five tips to help you with HR Management:

1. Know your vision

You need to do everything you can do to become an expert. This is an important role within the organization. You are expected to grow and suggest new ideas. Find your vision, which involves not only your growth as a HR Manager, but the growth of the entire organization.

2. Be open to what others think

Open communication is key. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion you shouldn’t discourage them from voicing their views. Always take feedback on board, it can lead to a new vision that you hadn’t even thought off. Your staff members need to feel good in the organization and be good at communication. This also means that the organization needs to listen to their employees.

3. Use Social Media to build your network

Social Media is a great way to make new contacts, get new information and improve both personally and professionally. Social Media shows you the best new practices being developed and you can use that knowledge to improve your own performance. Social Media can also be used for branding. When you get more attention on Social Media, people will know your organization. This also means that you will find the best people to work for your organization. When you show what you do within the organization people will think of your organization as a good place to work.

4. Pay special attention to onboarding to set up lasting returns

Onboarding has a big impact on your organization. If you pay special attention to onboarding you will have happier and more dedicated employees, thus your organization will run more smoothly. The first six months are crucial for keeping employees on board. Good onboarding is therefore very important.

5. Have clear and safe communication lines within your organization

What is the right way to reach everyone, including part-time and temporary employees? Your people do not always work the same hours at the same location or at a desk, while employees who work in the field often have no company email address. Another challenge: your employees are ever more frequently sharing commercial information and photos via social media such as WhatsApp or Facebook. How secure can that be?

With Speakap, WorkforceIT helps you to optimise your internatal communication. With your own online social network, you and your employees can share information, knowledge, and documents on your smartphones or PC’s. It’s just as easy to use as Facebook and Whatsapp, but it’s secure. Speakap ensures that your employees are better informed and engaged. That leads to higher productivity, less absenteeism and attrition, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.