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A new communication channel at VDM Metals

The challenge

About 65% of all employees work in production and do not have a company email account. This makes it difficult to reach these colleagues, which was just recently demonstrated during the Corona pandemic. Until then, production employees were provided with information via supervisors, black boards and screens at the workplace.

The solution

The goal is to make a communication channel available to all employees without having to use additional channels. The solution must be intuitive and user-friendly. Registration must be voluntary, in terms of data protection and company co-determination. In addition, there must be a high level of service quality on the part of the provider, from the initial presentation to implementation and support.

The benefits

  • 70% acceptance rate within a very short time
  • Real-time information exchange
  • Always relevant information due to the integrated organisational structure

“With Speakap, we hit the nerve of the times and thus set an important impulse for modern internal communication in our industry. We have therefore invested in a tool that enables us to communicate digitally in a contemporary way..”

Janina GresslMarketing & Communications Manager