“Connected Culture” at LKQ thanks to Speakap

The challenge

How do you ensure a “connected culture” for 600 employees spread across 24 locations?

The solution

Thanks to Speakap, employees are now well informed, engaged and motivated. From a lot of communication via mail and print, LKQ switched to a platform that can reach everyone very efficiently and effectively. In the meantime, the digital platform is used extensive. Many employees do not have a PC workstation, but they can communicate interactively with each other.

The benefits

  • With Speakap, Dutch and French speaking employees can be reached very efficiently and effectively via one platform.
  • Speakap is used for, among other things, competitions, tips & questions, internal job offers, news about new shops and new products in the assortment
  • All employees can be reached and communicate interactively with each other
  • High user friendliness

“I would definitely recommend Speakap to other companies. It's a modern digital platform that is very user-friendly as it's very similar to Facebook, which is used by almost everyone, especially on the line or in the warehouse.”

Emilie FransMarketing Coordination at LKQ Belgium