Connected like never before – 39,000 employees in one app

The challenge

60% of the entire workforce has no PC workstation and works in different business units of the group, spread over 27 countries. Reaching them and providing them with ad-hoc information was a challenge.

The solution

All employees should be involved in internal communication in a simple way and information accessibility should be simplified. The solution had to be mobile and user-friendly; it also had to enable employees to exchange information across countries. PHOENIX opted for the employee app Speakap.

The benefits

  • Both non-desk and desk staff in one app
  • All staff are reached with one “click“
  • Employees are now empowered to share information across countries
  • Brand identities of subsidiaries in the app, through multibranding

“The big advantage is that we can reach employees with one click, which was never possible before, and the countries can still act and communicate independently.”

Romina AdlerDigital Communications Manager at PHOENIX group