De Waal Auto Group

De Waal Auto Group improves customer service through Speakap

The challenge

De Waal Auto Group is a fast-growing company. This comes with a number of challenges. Communication became tough across departments, as people no longer met each other every day. At times it was difficult to reach 30 employees from different departments. A “we” feeling could only be maintained with a lot of effort.

The solution

De Waal Auto Group decided to implement Speakap, which allows employees to communicate and share relevant information in a user-friendly way; both at team or department level, as well as company-wide.

The benefits

  • Employees are kept up to date across departments and are better informed about what is happening across the organisation.
  • Employees proudly share their successes.
  • Operational challenges are identified and resolved more quickly to provide even better customer service.

“I would recommend Speakap to other companies without a doubt - especially growing companies. If you don't see each other every day, communication can become tough. With Speakap, I think it's easier and better.”

Jan-Willem RozendalDiagnostic specialist Audi