Information to go: The WISAG employee app

The challenge

WISAG wants to integrate all 50,000 employees, including those without a PC workstation, into internal corporate communication. Cross-divisional exchange and communication should be facilitated and the emotional bond with the company increased. In addition, the use of WhatsApp for business purposes is to be replaced.

The solution

With Speakap, a solution was found to improve internal communication, involve all employees and abolish internal WhatsApp use.

The benefits

  • Reach and motivate all desk and non-desk employees
  • High user acceptance
  • Own employee app in corporate design
  • Integration of existing company software
  • Relevance of information through mapping of organisational structure

“Finally, all employees who do not have a PC workstation are also very close to what is happening, even at our holding company. We can communicate much more directly and quickly.”

Uwe KochChairman of the Management Board of WISAG Industrie Service Holding GmbH