Scania Parts Logistics

Reaching +800 employees in the warehouse & receiving their opinions.


Warehouse employees do not have an e-mail address. Reaching them with management messages on the one hand and collecting their opinion on the other was a stumbling block.


With Speakap’s internal communication app, ideas no longer need to be collected via a suggestion box. Even e-mail messages that were previously passed on verbally by managers can now be distributed directly via the app.
All employees were invited to Speakap. The balanced combination of top-down and bottom-up communication resulted in 87% adoption.


  • Also communicate directly with warehouse workers without an e-mail address.
  • Top-down communication but also interaction and engagement.
  • Efficient and effective communication with high reach and adoption rates.

“Speakap has opened a huge number of doors.”

Soetkin BockstalCommunications Manager