Sodemat connects colleagues in tower cranes, construction sites and different company locations via Speakap.

The challenge

Sodemat’s main objective is to increase engagement and involvement between employees on the construction sites and those in the office. This goal cannot be achieved through traditional communication channels such as email, staff newsletters and notice boards.

The solution

With Speakap, a solution was found to share experiences quickly and in a user-friendly way based on photos and videos. The physical distance between colleagues is thus bridged virtually.

The benefits

  • All desk and non-desk staff together on one platform
  • Plug & play, the platform is available and usable from day one
  • Internal communication taps into the spontaneous social interaction between colleagues.
  • Branding of the app in corporate design ensures recognisability and trust.
  • With the “Who is Who” function, Sodemat employees can quickly find and contact colleagues

“Our experiences so far have been very positive. The platform is alive, many photos are posted and the branding of the app in our own corporate design is also very popular.”

Amy De KerfHR Business Partner