Sunrise UPC

The new way of onboarding at Sunrise UPC

The challenge

Sunrise UPC is a pioneer of digitalisation in Switzerland. This led to the requirement to modernise the entire onboarding process for new employees.

The solution

With Appical, they found a mobile solution to solve the challenges presented and to make the onboarding process easier. The aim was to digitise and automate the entire onboarding process – both for new employees and for those responsible from the HR department. The preboarding phase was also to be covered so that the new colleagues could find out about their new tasks before their first day at work. Another requirement was the multilingual application and the integration of digital signatures (DocuSign) to speed up internal processes. Furthermore, an interface to Sunrise’s eFile was required to enable automatic filing of documents.

The benefits

  • Digital and structured induction of new colleagues
  • New colleagues are more integrated and are productive more quickly
  • Less administrative effort

“Appical helped us a lot with onboarding during the Corona period and was extremely well received by our new colleagues.”

Emanuela NifoudisSenior HR Project Manager at Sunrise UPC