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Internal communication with Speakap

Reach, inform and engage all your employees.

With Speakap, you and your employees share news, information, knowledge and documents on your smartphone or PC. The employee app is as easy to use as popular social media like Facebook or WhatsApp, but in a secure and closed environment. Speakap ensures better informed and engaged employees. This leads to higher productivity, less absenteeism and turnover, and higher customer and employee satisfaction.


Timelines and chats

Communicate effectively via timelines and chats, both top-down, buttom-up and horizontally between individual employees or groups of employees.


Employees can give quick and direct feedback, which creates continuous participation.


Share important news quickly and easily. Just like in social media, you can “post” news and bring it to the attention of the people you want to reach.


Create events for your teams and invite employees to participate.

Task Management

Assign tasks to yourself, specific colleagues or entire teams with just one click. Always keep an overview of what is done and what is still being worked on.

Personal profiles

Employees only receive relevant information based on their personal profile. This is good for efficiency and increases staff retention.


It is very easy to create groups, for example by department, team or project. This way you can streamline internal communication.

Document management

Ensure that documents are easy to find and to retrieve. This promotes knowledge transfer, efficiency and productivity in your organisation.


Get a clear insight into user behaviour and adapt your communication strategy based on this input.


Create your own content pages and add them directly to the main menu of your Speakap platform. This way, the information on these pages is always accessible for your employees.

What our customers say about Speakap

With Speakap, we hit the nerve of the time and thus set an important impulse for modern internal communication in our industry. We have therefore invested in a tool that enables us to communicate digitally in a contemporary way.

Janina GresslMarketing & Communications Manager at VDM Metals GmbH

Speakap facilitates two-way communication via likes, comments, suggestions, questions, ... which is appreciated. It's really something that lives in our employees' minds.

Herman VandenbosscheMarketing & Communication Manager at Brink's Solutions Belgium

2,300 employees - shift work - employees without a PC workstation - different languages: all these points make internal communication a special challenge. With the FEK app, we are now able to share important information quickly and directly with all professional groups in the FEK.

Maren von DollenHead of Corporate Communications at Friedrich-Ebert-Krankenhaus Neumünster GmbH

I would definitely recommend Speakap to other companies. It's a modern digital platform that is very user-friendly as it's very similar to Facebook, which is used by almost everyone, especially on the line or in the warehouse.

Emilie FransMarketing Coordination at LKQ Belgium

Customers who already use Speakap: