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Micro Learning with MobieTrain

Give all employees access to the right training at the right time.

Micro learning via MobieTrain is a unique and effective way to train your staff, focusing on bite-sized training content. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to increase the knowledge of your non-desk staff and turn them into true ambassadors. This leads to a better customer experience, higher engagement and more productivity.


Newsfeed en polls

Share short messages with and without video/pictures or conduct surveys with your teams.

Crash course

We have created this pathway structure for short and focused trainings that are very suitable for 1-6 short learning moments.

Learning paths

In longer and more intensive training such as onboarding, users literally follow a path and go through different learning moments.

External content

Add videos or training from external sources. These are displayed in tiles on the home screen.

Event planner

Use a blended learning approach by allowing your teams to register for physical events via our app.

Progress bar

Thanks to the progress bar on the start screen, your employees always know how far they have come in their learning process.

Unlock mode

New content keeps users coming back regularly. Decide how to share modules to spread training over time and maintain engagement.

Motivating feedback

After each answer, your employees receive feedback in the form of text and animations. The message should be constructive!

What our customers say about Mobietrain?

The last few months have shown how agile we can be, reaching our people quickly and driving change consistently through the MobieTrains platform.

Brian BodnarDirector Retail Operations & Customer Experience at Timberland

At Proximus we work with different LMS and e-learning systems. MobieTrain is ten times more intuitive and user-friendly than these other applications.

P. DumoulinHead of Knowledge Management at Proximus

Not only do we love the very intuitive interface of the platform, we are also a big fan of MobieTrains' customer support. They have always got your back.

Bruno Pincto CoelhoTraining Director at Decathlon

Our motto is "We are not a shoe company - we are a people company". MobieTrain has supported us with our digital transformation and created a fun and engaging training experience for our people.

Sylvain GriseRetail Director EMEA at Vans

Customers who already use Mobietrain: