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Onboarding with Appical

Onboard employees digitally and make them productive faster.

With Appical you create the ultimate onboarding experience for all your new employees. Videos, checklists, quizzes, interactive tasks or virtual reality: Everything is possible. With Appical, new employees can start onboarding before their first day of work. The platform ensures that they feel at home faster and become productive sooner.



Quickly and easily create an attractive onboarding app for your organization. With templates developed based on best practices, it’s a breeze.


Every company has its own vocabulary. Make sure your new employees are immediately familiar with the language of your organization and understand their colleagues.

Interactive content

Make onboarding attractive. Make it easier for new employees to process information about your company by playing games, answering questions and completing assignments.


In the dashboard, new employees can see exactly where they are in their introduction plan and how they have performed in the different parts.

Augmented Reality

Send new employees on a virtual journey through the branch office where they will be working. This way they can get to know your organization from the comfort of their sofa, whenever they want.

Who is who?

All the departments, names and faces: there’s a lot to remember. With the onboarding app, it’s easy for your new employees to find their way around.


There is a lot to arrange during the induction period. A medical examination, signing documents, making declarations… Inform new employees about what needs to be done and when.


Easily track the progress of your new employees. Are they still on schedule?

What do customers say about Appical?

We wanted to create a great experience for every new employee by sharing the same information and values.

Alison HansonDirector at PepsiCo University

With great enthusiasm and common sense, the employees are prepared for the first day of work. So there will certainly be an increase in productivity and engagement.

Pauline SchutRecruitment Office at Ceva Logistics

A fantastic tool to introduce all new employees in the best possible way and to let them 'land' at Baker Tilly.

Bram van BokhovenCampus Recruiter at Baker Tilly

Appical helped us a lot with onboarding during the Corona period and was extremely well received by the new colleagues.

Emanuela NifoudisSenior HR Project Manager at Sunrise UPC

Customers who already use Appical: